that awkward moment when you crinkle your paper while erasing DX

that awkward moment when you crinkle your paper while erasing DX

Womenly Values

i would like your opinions on this, or maybe even just you taking the time to read it. This isn’t just for girls either.

So my mom and i were talking tonight, and we brought up the subject of women’s rights, or their “place” in society. By no means are either of us against the working woman (she works full-time), but she asked me, "Where has the family time gone?" and really, where has any of our family values gone, or our womenly values?

When we watch a movie where men open up doors for the woman, we usually think its romantic, but if a real man did that, the woman would get offended. We try to be the SAME as men, not equals (because of course we are equals), but the same and that seems to be the opposite of what we need. Why are emotions bad? Or even, why is being FEMININE wrong?

Being a woman has gone from being sensitive and soft to being hard and on top of everything. Which doesn’t seem like a bad thing but, who raises the kids? The father, who is also working and being hard and aggressive? No, ok, so then the mother? The family is the real thing that suffers, and women don’t benefit either. They become fake, because they take their female-sides and force them down. Instead of doing what they feel and what they’re made to do, they surpress their real “inner” power.

And again, not saying women can’t work. i think there is a yin and yang type of set-up. Men and women are NOT the same. Equal, yes, but NOT the same. And men aren’t wrong for not being emotion and women aren’t stupid for having feelings. We should accept our partners. i think it would be stressful for a man to be masculine and a gentleman, but be shot down for trying to take care of his lady. it gives the wrong impression to the children, whom are now raising themselves, and we have ignorant boys who think women are things they can push around.

i hope this made sense.